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Amazon’s Kindle Market is one of the largest in the world. But if you’re only catering content to only Kindle users you are missing out. There are other markets on the rise, and if you haven’t tapped into them, you won’t see your audience grow. These are places such as the iBookstore, Kobo, E-sentral and Google Books. Click Here To Read The Article

Clever Book Marketing Strategy

Debbie Drum shares a clever way to market your books.

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Being a Self-Promoter without Feeling Shame


  If you thought that writing the book was the hard part, then you were dead wrong. Every writer pours time, effort and a little of his or her soul into each creation, regardless of its genre or purpose. However, the hard part really starts after the writing is finished. Now you have to promote the book. If you’re like most writers, then there’s nothing more terrifying than putting the words “my” and “book” together in any context. “My book is done, want to check it out?” “My book talks about these issues! You should buy it.” “You’ll love the characters in my book.” It’s hard to promote yourself because you don’t want people to look at you as arrogant or as a know-it-all, so how do you promote your book without feeling shame?   Public Service Announcement One of the best ways to change your thoughts on self-promotion is to consider it a public…

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Did you ever notice that some books, both fiction and non-fiction, use subtitles? As a writer, it can sometimes be hard to tell if subtitles are really useful, or if they’re extraneous and useless for marketing your book. Though subtitles aren’t nearly as powerful as a good book description or cover, they can still help improve your sales if you use them correctly. Not only that, but the good news is that most readers are very accepting of subtitles because they help to differentiate books. Here are a few ways to use them, and why they can help improve your sales. Differentiate Books Let’s say that you write a series of books. For example, you write mystery books and the main character is “Detective Graham.” Instead of titling the books in a boring fashion like, “Detective Graham 2” and “Detective Graham 3,” you decide to use better titles, like “The Man Who Stole the Sky”…

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How Friends Can Help Market Your Book


When you’re just starting out, there are probably just two “for sure” people that will be in your corner, rooting for your success: friends and family members. However, that doesn’t mean that your friends are going to rush out and buy your book. They may not be interested in your story (which is perfectly fine), or they might feel too close to the author to properly enjoy the story.   While they may not be willing to buy your book, they can still help you in other ways. In fact, your friends might be your best asset when you’re just starting out, especially if they have some good connections.   Write a Review Simply ask your friends to buy and read your book and  then ask them to leave a review. Even if you give them the book for free, they can still leave a review on Amazon (and it’s very easy to create an account if…

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Using Kindle Pseudonyms

Did you know that not only does Amazon allow you to use pen names and pseudonyms, but they’re actually very welcoming of writers who want to hide their identity. It seems like it would a shady practice to hide your name, but the truth is that many of the world’s best writers are known by their pseudonyms (look up George Orwell and Mark Twain as examples). Not only is this practical because it hides your identity, but it can help improve your sales if you are an eclectic writer. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using several pen names, and how you can go about doing it.   Hide Real Identity It might be a good idea hide your real identity. Even though you might be writing wonderful novels or how-to guides, you never know how these things might hurt you in the future. For example, you apply for a position as…

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Book Marketing: Email Vs Social Media

When it comes to book marketing, it’s often in your best interest to use as many marketing methods as possible. Why forsake one method just because it isn’t quite as effective as another? At the same time, let’s examine two different marketing methods that offer similar, but totally different, benefits: email marketing and social media. Both of these focus on reaching people who know you, and they also focus on people who willingly subscribe to your list in one way or another. Which one is really the best when it comes to promoting your newest books? The answer might just surprise you…… Building the List Perhaps the biggest reason why most modern authors prefer social media to email marketing is because it’s much easier to build a social media list. You just have to mention that you use Twitter and/or Facebook for people to flock to your page. Your social media list will almost always…

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Overcoming Rampant Returns

Return policies are there for a reason: because people might just dislike something after buying it. This usually applies to physical products, but it can also affect people who sell Kindle books as well. In fact, there are some people that will deliberately buy books with the thought of returning them. While you can’t please everyone, and you can only do so much to stop rampant returners, there are a few things that you tweak about your book description to ensure the lowest number of returns. Amazon’s Policies If you sell ebooks on your own (like many Internet marketers), then you have very little protection against rampant returners. However, Amazon doesn’t want to lose money, so there are some good policies in place to keep returns to a minimum. First of all, you should know that Kindle books can be returned. Many authors don’t think this, and the truth is that it’s fairly uncommon since…

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Being Your Own Editor

Hiring an editor is often one of the best things that a writer can do, but most of us don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars needed to have a second set of eyes to objectively check our writing. While editing your work will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your piece and it has the potential to enhance sales, you can do the work yourself. Every editor will obviously check and correct your grammar, but that’s often the last thing on the editor’s mind. Here is everything else that you should look for when editing your own piece. Remember, it’s more about making the book work better, not impress your English teacher.    Consistency An editor is very concerned with consistency. Does Sarah, the blonde cheerleader on page 12, still have blonde hair on page 146? Does Randy, the Southener with the heavy accent, still have an accent on the fifth chapter? Readers are…

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KD Promo Review – Book Promotion Automated

KD Promo Review Gone are the days when you could just put a book up on Amazon Kindle and then it will just start selling automatically.  It used to be that way and that is why many people began to self publish but the environment has changed so us marketers have to change with it! With over 40,000 kindle books published a day, the competition is fierce! Publishers now have to actively promote their books in several different ways for the book to get exposure and just even get noticed on Amazon.   One strategy that works really well to get more people to learn about your book goes like this: 1) Put your book on kdp Select – which is a way for you to make your book free over a period of 5 days in a 90 day period. The objective is to get many people to download your book during these free…

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Can Novellas be Successful?

  There are many times when writers, especially fiction writers, get too hung up on the size of their book. This doesn’t happen to non-fiction writers too often because they keep writing until they are finished and then publish the book. If there’s a lot to say about the topic, then the book will be long. Otherwise, it’s short. Fiction writers feel pushed to either bundle a bunch of short stories together into an anthology, or go for a full novel at 40,000+ words. While there’s nothing wrong with publishing something this long or longer, some stories are best on the shorter side. True or not, many writers would prefer to push the story further than to face publishing a novella. However, the truth is that novellas can be just as successful as their longer counterparts.   Successful Novellas   Everyone’s heard of successful novels. Nearly every major seller in the fiction world is a…

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Why Kindle Discounts are Good for Writers

  Oh no. You woke up today and found out that your Kindle book was discounted automatically by Amazon. You set a specific price with a specific profit in mind, but now that’s all ruined, right? Not necessarily. In fact, many writers who experience an automatic discount make significantly more money than they were before. It’s not just because people love sales. It’s also because of Amazon’s policies. If your book was automatically discounted, then it’s time to rejoice, not fret. The Power of Sales Go to any forum or blog for writers that sell on Kindle, and you will see them rave about getting a discount. Why? Because people love saving money. The prospect of being able to buy something for just a few dollars less will make them much more willing to buy a new book. Not only that, but discounts are easier to find. Amazon makes it very easy for people to…

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Recycled Riches – Review and Automation   How To Do More With Less?   Why overcomplicate things? This is what I strive to do everyday and what I aim to help people do.   Whether you’re an author, publisher, content creator, or internet marketer, having an effective content marketing strategy is essential. We realized that many experts who earn a full-time living online do this one thing: work smart, not hard by repurposing their content, the right way! Here’s How They Do It:  ==> With our brand new release, Recycled Riches, you can discover how we, and many other experts, successfully grow our business by making sure our content, links and buy buttons are in many places as possible….without increasing  our workload! Not only us, but other incredibly successful people like Rachel Rofe, Dennis Becker, Daniel Hall, and Nicole Dean do this one thing. They repurpose content!   One piece of content works over and over…

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Domain Flipping Maverick Review and Bonus

Play This Video     Amy and Deb Bonus For Domain Flipping Maverick If you buy this awesome product through our link – this link ⇒ you will get the most comprehensive wordpress guide you probably have ever seen. Here are just some things it includes: – All wordpress “how to” – never not know how to do something inside of wordpress – How to protect your wordpress site from nasty hackers who are out to get you – the most powerful (and most needed) wordpress plugins – the ultimate social sharing tools (to get you the most exposure) – and much much more (this guide is all you will ever need)   Instructions to get the bonus 1) Please buy Domain Flipping Maverick  through THIS LINK (any link on this page) 2) Send your receipt to 3) Dive into the product and wait for your bonus. We will be checking if you did…

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Description Detective – Kindle Software Review If your book is not selling then you might want to consider makingsome tweaks to your book description. The book description is a valuable piece of real estate that Amazongives us to describe what it is the buyer is getting when they hitthat one click to purchase button. How can we make people hit that button just a little bit faster andperhaps with a little more excitement to see the contents of YOURBOOK? We wanted to help people do that and that is why we builtDescription Detective See the demo here: Click Here To Buy This cutting edge software tool mines book descriptions on Amazonso you can model successful book descriptions. Want more booksales? Model what is already selling! Check it out here: ==>   In addition, Description Detective comes with a 35 page report, anda quick start cheat sheet detailing the best strategies andpractices for a creating a…

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